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Lai iegūtu latviešu valodu, lūdzu, noklikšķiniet uz Latvijas karoga lapas augšējā labajā stūrī. Or on mobile on the bottum of the menu.

  • Privacy is the keyword for Holandiesi. If you rent the holidayhouse the premises is only for you and your companions. There will not be other unknown people on the premises. This also relates to the additional rental of the jacuzzi and sauna. It's possible to have a company of totally eight (8) persons in your private environment but you get the same privacy if you are alone or with two (2). 

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We speak : 

  • Latvian

  • Russian

  • French

  • English

  • German

  • Dutch


We joined the Hiker-friendly EU programm for the hiking trails through the forest and along the coast.

  • New Saunahouse with Jacuzzi and 3 extra sleepingplaces available .

  • Because of exploding prices of energy/electricity we decided to use a ALL SEASON price for the whole year and had to put a higer price on the electric Sauna and Jacuzie.

  • Also firewood will be provide 1 bag per day for free. every extra bag will cost € 5,00 

  • Prices on Sauna and Jacuzi ( from 1th of September 2022) . Sauna € 60 for 3 hours, Jacuzzi € 60 for 3 hours. (every hour more € 12,50).

  • Book arrangements  for 8 people with sauna, jacuzzi, sleeping and breakfast for a discount price (depending on availability - call us !!).

  • Please - if possible - book the Jacuzie and/or sauna in front.

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