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Extra information about the Saunahouse and Jacuzie.

The Saunahouse

The saunahouse is build in 2018 and consist of:

  • an electric sauna room of 7 m2.

  • A fully equiped bathroom, with sink, shower and toilet.

  • A restroom with television, music, cooler and glasses.

  • An extra bedroom with 3 bed for extra rental with the same company.

  • There is a walking path through the garden from the holidayhouse to the saunahouse from 30 meters.

  • Also firewood will be provide 1 bag per day for free. every extra bag will cost € 5,00


When you stay with us in the Holidayhouse you can rent the Sauna experience as an extra service. Please inform us when you want to use it.

Prices :

  • 3 hours € 60,00

  • extra hour € 12,50 per hour


The Jacuzie

The Jacuzie is suitable for 4 persons. Temperature is up to 40 degrees and bubble jets are in. The Jacuzie is electrical heated so if you want to use it please inform us in front because heating up till 40 degrees will take the whole daytime. The Jacuzie is an extra service when you rent the holiday house.


  • 3 hours € 60,00

  • extra hour € 12,50 per hour 


Extra Beds

When you need extra beds beside the Holidayhouse it is possible to rent these in the Sanuahouse for € 25,00 per bed per night (3 beds available)

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